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Episode 138: How To Get A $300,000 Cleaning Account – Step By Step

How To Get A $300,000 Cleaning Account – Step By Step

Episode 138: How To Get A $300,000 Cleaning Account – Step-By-Step

Whale Fishing is all about getting really large Commercial Accounts! Don’t be scared to go after the Whales!

Do you want unlimited residential customers?
Do you want to get more money from your current customers?
Today, Chris Phillips and I are literally going to show you, step-by-step how this is possible in your cleaning business!

Now, even if you don’t have a cleaning business, a lot of the same principles apply! This goes for most service businesses.

Let’s start with a little background on our amazing software business, SendJim & RadiusBomb!
There are 3 main focuses from SendJim that set us apart from any other direct mail service out there.

Hyper-targeting, multi-touch, and personalization!

hyper-targeting, personalization, multi-touch

You can get residential customers on demand, it’s pretty amazing.

With hyper-targeting, you can target the EXACT community or single house you want with our amazing, exclusive tool, Radiusbomb! You can look for lakefront homes, gated communities, homes with pools, whatever you want that resonates with the industry you serve.

Then, it’s all about the multi-touch. A simplistic message, and sending multiple mailings to stay top of mind with your clients and prospects.

Finally, personalization! Catch the customer or prospects attention in a split second by putting a picture of their community sign on the front of the card.

We also have GIFTS! You can send brownies, gift cards, greeting cards and more! You have to nurture your existing customer base, it’s SO EASY and at your fingertips! The cost of acquiring a new customer is 7x higher than just loving on your current customers to bring them back!

Lifetime Memberships are going away! ONLY 100 SPOTS LEFT!
You get access to this great software, Radiusbomb, free postcards, unlimited software upgrades as they come out, BUT you have to act NOW before they are GONE FOREVER!!! We will not be bringing lifetimes back, ever!

Email for more information or to secure your spot!

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