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The 4 Levels of Earning Money

The 4 Levels of Earning Money

There 4 levels of earning money!

Today we are talking about Myron Golden!

I don’t know him, but he’s part of the inner circle I have joined!

If you don’t know what inner circle I’m referring to, check out my previous podcast, “Overcoming Self Limiting Beliefs: My Journey to $10 million”

Anyways, I’ve been watching some of his videos and I was BLOWN away by this guy!

He’s a believer, an entrepreneur, he’s aggressive, teaches financial education, travels, & more! He came up with this really amazing thing where he goes into the 4 levels of earning money. Today we’re going to dive into this and quickly discuss what he was talking about!

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We’ll start with the lower level, and go to the top!

1. Implementation: There’s only one thing you can use to earn dollars. There’s only 1 thing you can use if your an implementer. Your muscles…This is the lowest level of earning as far as income goes, in the world. But there’s a ceiling on this, you can’t make more money by working harder inside of this thing. You can’t make more money per hour, there’s a limit to it.

2. Unification…

3. Communication…

This is where it gets really interesting. Something about high income, high earners…then there’s the 4th level.

Curious to know more?
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Check out Myron Golden on his Facebook Page
Or by googling his name!

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