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Episode 122: My 7-year-old Built and Sold a Business (What’s Your Excuse?)

what's your excuse

Episode 122: My 7-year-old Built and Sold a Business (What’s Your Excuse?)

By definition, you cannot grow a business unless you’re uncomfortable often.

If you’re cozy, it means your flatlining. If you aren’t taking risks, expanding a skill set, building relationships, networking, trying new things, doing hard things, then you’re going to get stuck.

The real world has actual consequences.
You get paid for actual outcomes and results.

You can’t measure effort, just results.

Our focus has to be on the outcome of what we want with our lives and families, the future painting of what our life could be like is oxygen to us. When we are very clear on what we want, what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, when we’re going to get there, when we’re hungry for reality, it’s like having your door open on your wood boiler with flames coming out of the top.

Sometimes you feel excited & in the zone like nothing can stop you. Other times, you feel like a feather can stop you and you want to give up on your dreams.

I want you to focus on your outcome. What is your desired outcome? Sometimes we forget why we get up and go to work every day. We completely forget.

Years can go by and you’ve never really asked yourself, why am I doing this? What do I want?

I had a uniform, I own 5 candy machines in different locations and I was making a decent amount of quarters! – Maverick

This was tough for a 7-year-old! I had a script that I memorized every day and went into stores. The first response was a no at Sagebrush, but I didn’t give up! It was hard, but I kept on going. We went back and I walked up to the manager, shook his hand and asked again and got a yes!!!

If you keep following up, eventually they’ll probably think it’s a good value for them.

I learned a lot. How many people do you know that have started a business, it doesn’t matter big or small, but it’s hard to think of many entrepreneurs that have actually successfully done their business. It’s nice to know that other people out there know you want to dream and that you can accomplish them!

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7-year-old built sold business


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