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Be the Hot Coffee in your Sales Process

be the hot coffee in your sales process

The Methodology of getting sales starts with the fastest path to cash

No one likes to be sold, but everybody likes to purchase. – Joshua Latimer

Be really intentional in how you do your stuff. Don’t just give prices, but become a professional recommender by perfecting the way you do that.

The way that you do what you do is HUGE. It’s critical. The way you package yourself, follow up, look, smell, it all matters a tremendous amount.

Today we are going to have a quick chat about that and how to be consultative instead of just taking peoples money and selling something. There is a MASSIVE difference in those two things.

It’s all about the way you do it.

Trying to upsell is great, but you can’t seem like you just want to take peoples money.

There’s this thing known as The Law of authority.  In your brain, you associate Drs as authority figures. If you position yourself correctly, look nice, have confidence and are articulate, you can professionally recommend things and people will be more comfortable in terms of what they purchase.

We are very psychologically, chemically driven creatures whether you like it or not.

There are 3 main things that should be spot on when trying to perfect your sales process.
Step one:  Give a price for every single service and keep track of prices
Step two: Become a Professional recommender
Want to hear step three?

Join me as I lay it all out for you from the first step to the last in becoming a nightmare to compete with!

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