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Elena Built A $90,000 per month Maid Service In Only Two Years

Elena Ledoux is a co-founder of Superb Maids, an award-winning service in Las Vegas.

Elena Ledoux Has Cracked The Code

The funny thing about the secret to Elena’s success is that it is all about the basics.

An Incredible Backstory

Elena Ledoux is a co-founder of Superb Maids, an award-winning service in Las Vegas. 

She was born in the former Soviet Union, where she graduated with Masters in International Economics and immigrated to US in 1999.

Mrs Ledoux went on to graduate from law school in Wilmington, Delaware and clerked for judges in New Jersey.  Afterwards, Elena practiced insurance defense law in Honolulu, Hawaii for 11 years. 

Next, She he took a 2-year sabbatical, living in Europe with her husband James and their two sons and upon returning to the US, they settled in Las Vegas. 

Two years ago, when her childhood friend Nargi won a green card lottery and immigrated to US, they started a home cleaning business – Superb Maids. 

Elena now employs 43 people, has won several awards, including the Review Journal’s Best of Las Vegas gold in 2016, and is the top-rated company in the city.

How Does She Do It?

The thing that stood out to me about Elena and her story was the simplicity of her approach.

Not once did she try to reinvent the wheel or create a magical system of business growth.  It was all very organic.

Her best talent, per her own admission, is learning from others.  I think that is amazing!

Obviously she doesn’t just learn but she applies what she has learned.

She worked hard focusing on many different sales channels and networked all over the city to drill down into her niche.

She also identified a “gap” in the market by noticing that almost all of the other providers in her city were low-cost/low-quality businesses.

After realizing that fact she pivoted into a premium brand providing very detailed and deep cleanings to her clients.  Her prices are far higher than anyone else, even commonly double!

It All Started With $1,000 And A Used Vaccuum

Through trial and error and starting from a very humble place she started the business.

She focuses HEAVILY on her relationships with staff.  Elena cares for them and puts her money where her mouth is in the way she invests in them as team members.

She created a “home buying” program to help staff get their first home.  She helps them budget and save up for things and she is a big believer in the “Dream Manager” philosophy.

Listen in and see what nuggets you can glean from this great interview!



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  1. James Kerr on May 9, 2017 at 10:20 PM

    Whatever you do, do not follow my advice 🙂

    home karaoke machine, etc…

    We are very proud of you, Elena!

  2. Eric Jorgensen on May 13, 2017 at 7:39 PM

    Never be afraid to drop a client that you don’t like for whatever good reason. This advice is golden. I’ve done it about a dozen times in my 27 years. Be polite and non confrontational. Remove toxic clients is one of the best advice. The other is don’t be afraid to charge what you’re worth.

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