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Episode 125: How To Get Anything You Want

get anything you want

Episode 125: How To Get Anything You Want

You can have everything in life you want if you help enough other people get what they want – Zig Zigler

Today you’re going to learn how to get anything you want and make 2018 your best year ever!

Let’s start with a few simple questions.
When it comes to life were you born to lose? To be unhealthy? To be broke? In debt? To have a hard life? For your business not work? For your relationship to not work? To have a bad relationship with God?

We weren’t born to be unsuccessful in life, we’ve just settled in life.

The most important vision you can have is the vision of who you are. That’s how we start. If you don’t understand who you are, who you can become, then nothing else really matters.

Start with this vision it has a big-time impact on what you actually do, which has an impact on what you have. 

Majority of small business run on emotion. Decisions are made in a place of fear and overconfidence, instead of a stable foundation. — Josh Latimer

Howard and I dive deep into the 3 keys to Community which are Support, Accountability, and Encouragement.

About how to take the people in your business and have a meeting with them every day. Talk to them about what they want, their dreams and let them build their own empire in your business. By helping them get what they want, they will go to bat for you and help you achieve your dreams as well.

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get anything you want


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  1. Eric Viloria on January 16, 2018 at 3:00 PM

    This is in my top five favorite episodes so far. Its full of motivation and makes you take a hard at what your doing or not doing in your business. This is the one that pushed me to “be a doer and not just a listener”.Thanks for the gold nuggets that you provide ‘
    – Eric

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