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Episode 130: How To Get The Greatest Employees In The Entire Universe

How To Get The Greatest Employees In The Entire Universe

Episode 130: How to Get The Greatest Employees In The Entire Universe

We have a huge email list of around 10k people. For a few years in a row, we would send out surveys with questions to gather some general data on the home service business niche. We would ask what their #1 pain point was. Can you guess what the majority of people said?

Employee issues. 

So, that’s what we’re going to talk about today. By the end of this episode, you’ll understand how to hire employees with a simple 5 step system and why it’s important to implement this system. Or at least document it.

The good thing is that you probably are already implementing a lot of these things without realizing it. You do the steps, you just haven’t documented them yet. Your whole process of recruiting, your culture, etc., is a direct result of your intentionality and how you are as a leader. You might not think of it that way, but it’s the truth. What you put into your system has a direct correlation to the results you get.

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Purple Unicorn was one of our first systems to hiring at our window cleaning business. This included a very detailed job listing in which we got a HUGE response and hired a ton of people from.. I wanted to make sure the people were very detail oriented and could actually follow directions. Literally, 8/10 emails were deleted because they didn’t follow the directions. Not because they weren’t good employees or had potential, but because we were looking for something specific. And we wanted to be able to transfer this to someone else.

Here are the 5 stages of the Employee Life Cycle that you must follow in order to hire great employees, every single time! I want to help you get ready for Spring so you can DOMINATE and improve your employee situation!

• Recruiting

• Interviewing

• Hiring

• Training

• Leadership Development

Join me today to hear the full episode relating to hiring the best employees yet!

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  1. Eric Viloria on January 16, 2018 at 3:31 PM

    Great content if you have employees. I myself am not there but hope to be there one day

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