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Episode 135: How To Instantly Make More Money For Free

How To Instantly Make More Money for free

Episode 135: How To Instantly Make More Money For Free

The new office I’m setting up has 3 Rooms, acoustic panels on the walls, I’ll be adding a soundproofing window and more. I’m doing what needs to be done in order to make this an environment I will be productive in.

Going through this process of setting the office up reminds me of something important. The environment you’re in will have a huge impact on your ability to produce, to be effective, to get stuff done.

I’m very OCD about my desk and having flat surfaces and things being a certain way. It will drive me nuts until it’s set up perfectly.

“In absence of clearly defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily acts of trivia.” – Author Unknown

There are so many things you do for your company that you don’t realize. Write everything down, put a dollar amount on everything and prioritize this list. A lot of the stuff you do is actually a lower level item and you can delegate that to your team to free yourself up for the things that you are better at and make more sense for you to take care it.

Get yourself into an environment where you can be creative and actually become super productive. Do less stuff and become more focused!

Put in the effort and build yourself your perfect enviornment. You can’t do it all in a day or in a week.

It’s boring, daily, consistent habits in the course of a year that will transform your business! Don’t be a cheapskate in this. 

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Do what you need to do to have it be your perfect place. This is super important.

Get yourself a planner and start figuring out what’s important assigning yourself daily tasks, in a prioritized way so you actually get things are done and be productive. Being busy and being productive are NOT THE SAME! 

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