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After starting a cleaning business from scratch with almost no money, Joshua Latimer struggled to find a way to have the business success he wanted along with the family work balance that is so important. Typically in the beginning, businesses struggle to produce revenue so the founder needs to work a lot of hours in an attempt to generate cash flow.

However, after achieving cash flow the business owner now is trapped doing all of the jobs inside the business. Joshua embraced the concept of implementing simple systems into his small business in an effort to set himself free.  It worked big time and Joshua eventually grew his cleaning business to produce over $150,000 a month in revenue. The last two years before Joshua sold off his cleaning business he only worked 4 hours per week because of all of the systems he had put in place.

You too can learn how to achieve this type of business by listening to our podcast or checking out Joshuas online small business bootcamp located at Joshua now lives in Costa Rica with his wife and 4 kids while running a software company called

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