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LIVE Coaching Call #3


Sometimes A Single Coaching Call Goes A Long Way

Can a simple phone call really change that much?

All of the best athletes in the world use coaches to gain a competitive advantage.  Have you ever asked yourself why this is?  After all, it is not as if these athletes don’t understand how to train and execute on their skills.

I think sometimes even the very best people in the world get numb to their own situation and this truth holds true for business owners.

The clarity that can come from a simple conversation with a coach can often be so significant it changes everything.  Many of us including myself often times get stuck in ruts without even realizing it.

Today I talk to John about his new business and how to gain momentum going into this year.  We discuss many things on todays call including phone scripts, raising your average ticket and increasing your repeat rate.

I focus a lot of the call on the importance of focusing on the little details in your business as a strategy to win.  My belief is that “how” we do all of the things that we do inside of our business is so much more important than most people realize.

Do you operate your business in the exact same way as all of your competitors?  Do you subconsciously follow the norms of what everyone else in your industry does?  If so, stop and start getting creative.

It’s All About The “Way”

-The “way” that you answer the phone.

-The “way” you present your pricing at an estimate.

-The “way” that you follow up with customers.

-The “way” that you motivate and inspire your staff.


All of these things are hyper critical to the success of your company and if you focus on the details that everyone else overlooks you will set yourself up for WILD and RAPID growth.

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