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Episode 137: The Magical Box Of Free Money

The Magical Box Of Free Money

 Episode 137: The Magical Box Of Free Money

If you saw a box full of money would you take it? Or would you run and not believe it was real?

This actually happened and so many people thought this was a scam and just walked away.
There were some others who would walk up to the guy and ask if it was a scam. When the guy said no people would slowly reach in the box and only take a single dollar or a few…It was very strange.
This is applicable to small business owners and their goals. Sometimes we do stuff because we think that’s what we’re supposed to do. Sometimes there’s no rhyme or reason, we just do it. No one should tell you what to do. You just need to make a mental decision and decide what it is that you want.

Make the decision to think bigger, even if it makes you nervous.

It forces you to problem solve in a different way and then you can reach your goals. There are answers, but you can reach them with small thinking and strategies. Things change when you change the way you think.

What would you have to change to make bigger goals? Think about it, what is it that you’d have to do? It’s the same stuff, you’re just forcing yourself to solve a larger challenge. It’s possible, go out and do it!

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