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Episode 127: How To Not Get Divorced In 2018

how not to get divorced in 2018

Episode 127: How To Not Get Divorced In 2018

My hope and prayer as entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs spouses is that you don’t give up.  You’ll hang in there and Fight. Fight to win. – Ashlee Latimer

Join me and my wife Ashlee Latimer as we discuss how not to get divorced and stay in love through all of 2018! 

We will help you position yourself to get the best shot at everything working in 2018.

For me personally, things this year are going to be crazy. I have made so many commitments.

I’m going to make 365 podcasts in a row and I’m also going to do a weekly Family Vlog and a weekly Facebook Live Show. It’s going to be hard, but it’s going to be so worth it in the end.

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After everything I’ve been through I’ve learned that you can’t expect perfection and clarity on every single thing you need to do. It’s okay for chaos to happen. It’s a beautiful chaos. Embrace it. The wheels will fall off sometimes and that’s okay. 

You just have to ask yourself this one question,

Is it worth it?

If you said yes, then it doesn’t really matter how hard it is. It doesn’t matter how many sacrifices you’ve made. Who cares?
If it’s worth it, that’s what matters.

If it helps you with where you want your family and team to be, if it helps you get the life you want, then it’s worth it.

There’s one thing above all else that’s key to having everyone on board,

Communication, with your spouse and with your team.

You as an entrepreneur, have to be a good communicator and listener at the same time.

“I didn’t sign up to be an entrepreneurs wife, I could write a novel on everything. You have to be encouraging, give them grace when they drop the ball in the family department. As a mother you have to help on days that don’t go the way you think and dad might not come home from dinner and you can’t lose your cool.” -Ashlee Latimer

It’s a different lifestyle. Don’t let others opinions get in your head. It’s really tough and hard, but really worth it.

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  1. Eric Viloria on January 16, 2018 at 3:10 PM

    This is a great topic. I have seen how this business has effected my relationship with my wife and kids. With out communications everything falls apart. I have seen it happen to a friend.

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