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Operating with Urgency is Crucial

Operating with Urgency is Crucial

Do you operate your business with a sense of Urgency?

Imagine it like this, you’re in Michigan and going to drive to Florida. You’re going to periodically check your map to make sure you’re on the right track, it’s the same thing with your business.

Living with a sense of urgency is a big piece of this. It’s easier to do when you have a goal to chase in front of you all the time.

Whatever you want for your business, whether it’s to sell it or build it so it can be sold and is automated so it can be a nice little asset, you need a definitive future date when you’re going to have this achieved by. Don’t be murky & vague about this.

Having a million dollar business is just a dream. It’s just you saying a sentence.

A goal is something that is a definitive predetermined destination that you’re going to chart a course toward and measure your progress.

Go for the BHAG! Big Hairy, Audacious Goal.

Learn more about this and how to create, keep and plan your goals with me today!

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