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Super Weird Marketing Method Revealed

Super Weird Marketing Method Revealed

The Single Weirdest Marketing Method Ever

Anyone that knows me in real life can attest that I am a little bit weird.  Maybe “quirky” is a better word but either way I promise you this one marketing method we used fit that description as well.

In the early days of our business my wife and I would stay up all night sometimes preparing flyers and door hangers and all kinds of other odd ball strategies in an effort to finally make our business work.

Those were tough days and things were not easy.  Of course, today we laugh about those memories and almost look fondly at them.  The nostalgia created when you start something from nothing and then grow it and sell it is powerful.

I spend countless hours grinding and hustling to grow my business because I didn’t know of any other options.  I had no plan B and my plan A was pretty rough to begin with.

A Short Chat With My Wife

Listen in today as I have a casual chat with my wife, Ashlee and we remember back to the times that were hardest.

We discuss one of the most strange ways we successfully marketed our business and I bet most of you have not heard of it.

Are you tired of bouncing back and forth between having too much work on the schedule or not having enough?  I lived this for a long time and I didn’t understand how to break out of it.  Today I will tell you how.

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  1. Les on March 2, 2017 at 11:03 AM

    Ashlee I’m proud of you helping Josh with these driveway bags.

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