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The Two Secrets to Creating Belief

the two secrets to creating belief

I’ve never done a live event, no one taught me how, but I’m doing it. I just made it up. I saw a need and just went for it.

Manufacture belief. It’s like this, How do I convince the old version of my self that $10k is nothing?

A lot of people are struggling. Marriages are struggling. Small business is hard.

It’s easy to listen to a podcast, but how do you actually manufacture that belief? This is what we are going to help people are our event discover. There are 2 ways to do this.

Through Action & Community. 

All the gold is in putting yourself out there. 

You need to celebrate the wins along the way. 

Stop being so hard on yourself. Stress can kill you.  I am the same way, I’m always stressed and TOO urgent.

I’m operating at a 10 all the time. For people like me, we don’t do a very good job at patting ourselves on the back or recognizing our accomplishments., but we need to. All I can usually see if what’s lacking. Sometimes we just need to push pause.

Celebrate the wins! 

Stop what you’re doing, take your kids out, go to Chuckie Cheese, high 5 everyone and bring your family into it.
This way, you can always look back at what you’ve already accomplished!

Mindset, Mindset, MINDSET!

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