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Tim Croll – The Greatest Opportunity The World Has Ever Seen

Tim Croll has that very perspective because he has been involved in so many different types of businesses.

Tim Croll Knows Stuff

What is really cool about having a diverse working knowledge of business in general is the perspective it creates.  Tim Croll has that very perspective because he has been involved in so many different types of businesses.  From a local flooring company, gutter protection product and building multi-million dollar online companies he has seen a lot.

Tim is not an ordinary character especially when you learn that he has built not one but several $10,000,000+ brands.  In one case he helped an online T-shirt company go from $10,000 a month in sales to over $7,000,000 a month in sales!

Yes, you read that correctly.

Are In Putting Yourself In A Box?

Today Tim and I discuss the almost limitless opportunity that is available to all of us in the internet age.  Specifically with Facebook, if we can really learn to harness the power of what all of this new technology brings to the table we can not only change our lives but change the whole world.

Never before in the history of mankind has it been easier to build a business than it is right now.  Never before in the history of mankind could you get your product or service in front of the number of people that you can right now.

It is time for many of us to get out of our box and start going big.  I know for me, self limiting beliefs can be a major hurdle to overcome and that is why I like talking to people like Tim because what may seems like a monstrous goal for me is really just a number.

Other people have already achieved the same things that you want to achieve for your life, so why can’t you?

You can.

Listen in as we discuss getting clear, using tech, building an “avatar” and much more.

This is major good stuff.  Please share.



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  1. Sid Graef on February 25, 2017 at 12:47 AM

    This is the BOMB

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