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Train Googles Computer & Dominate your Service with Stan Genadek

Train Googles Computer & Dominate your Service with Stan Genadek

Do you want to learn how to Train Googles Computer? 

Do you want to Dominate your service quickly?

Then you DON’T want to miss this EPIC podcast where I talk with Stan Genadek, founder of Dirt Monkey University! 

We cover SO many Gold Nuggets in this show, it’s like we’re giving away free money! 

You’ll hear a roleplay where Stan goes over EXACTLY how he became the authority and systematized his niche service. There is so much gold in this roleplay, it’s UNBELIEVABLE! Anyone can do it even on a simpler level. Even if your service isn’t complex. Stan explains how to get a massively high average ticket and become profitable.

Stan’s ability to explain everything quickly and clearly, allows him to charge a premium price. It’s all about establishing yourself as an authority and allowing the customer to feel comfortable. This ensures they pick you and not worry about saving a little money and being worried about who’s in their backyard.

You want to decipher what people want by having conversations and memorizing a format. Get prepared with stock answers for any possible objection that can come up. Write down objections and think of ways to overcome these.

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Use emotion and communicate with stories, they are more effective!

Learn how to find the exact customer looking for your exact service for your business.

Learn how to train Googles computer on who to send your video too and get them to actually click on it!  Great imagery and using short, sweet, catchy headlines to grab attention are KEY. We break it down and teach you step-by-step what to do!

If there’s one Podcast you don’t want to miss, it’s this one. It will BLOW YOUR MIND!

Learn more about Stan Genadek and Dirty Monkey University, the Hardcore Education training that will take your business to the next level. Guaranteed. Weekly training and a community of people that work together! No upfront costs and just $29.00/month with your first week FREE! This is stuff you won’t find anywhere else. Check it out at www.DirtMonkeyU.com

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