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Understanding your Money with Phil Sarros

Understanding Your Money With Phil Sarros

Always look for opportunity. 

There is no right or wrong answer on what you should be.

There are some companies who purely focus on one micro niche in their market and make an insane amount of money. This isn’t necessarily for everyone though, you have to find what matches your personality and go with it. Know yourself and you will know your business!

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Here are some of the questions Phil Sarros and I discuss during the Podcast!

  • How does a little guy go through this process without drowning in trying to be all things to all people?
  • Should we start with a core service, be competent at it and add one at a time?
  • How does someone early in their career get the luxury of only worrying about finding the right customers?
  • What is one part of your business that should be automated before any other part?

If you do nothing else, start with knowing and understanding your numbers. The quicker you understand this, the quicker you’ll learn how you’re being profitable.  Figure out where your money is going.

Don’t make assumptions, Numbers don’t lie.

If you are a million dollar company earning 20% profit, you are earning the exact same as a 500k company making 40% profit without the extra headaches, equipment, vehicles, headache, etc

  • How do you keep it personal as time goes on? Communication!

People build up accounts, as they get busy they get less and less personal. If you aren’t personal and don’t engage, your customers aren’t going to see you as a partner. This exposes you to opportunities for them to look into other contractors.

The knowledge is out there, GO FIND IT!

If this sounds interesting to you and you want the answers to all the questions and much more than you don’t want to miss this EPIC podcast!

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