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Episode 165: Cold Email Ninja Trick

Episode 165: Cold Email Ninja Trick

Episode 165: Cold Email Ninja Trick

You need to target people who are the doorway to a bunch of people.

Do you know what Influencer Acquisition Cost is?

Well, everyone talks about Custom Acquisition Cost. This is helpful when you are looking to scale a business really big.
We spend so much time on traditional marketing, flyers, door hangers, direct mail, etc

But, no one ever talks about going after gatekeepers and influencers. This could be a huge opportunity for you if you have a small service business.

The Super Course is a huge thing we are coming out with and can change your life. You should look into purchasing it when it comes out.
We have tons of different teachers from different industries. Each one talks about sales & marketing. The nuts and bolts of it, the how too’s, the exact ways to do things.

There’s a whole hour and a half presentation by Gary Geiman. It goes in depth on exactly what he does for IAC, where he gets emails etc.

So I’m not going to go all into it, but here are a few gold nuggets inside this podcast.

How come we don’t put more effort into influencers? They are just people. They aren’t scary. You need to know them and be their best friend. Take them brownies. Buy them lunch. Do whatever you have to do.

Even if you spend $1,000 who cares? These people can be doorways to 1,000 new customers!!!

What would happen this year if you had 25 people who referred everyone to you?
What if that happened? Well, it can.

Check out today’s podcast to hear a couple more epic gold nuggets!

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