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Episode 163: Employee Behavior

Episode 163: Employee Behavior

Episode 163: Employee Behavior

Do you have the things in order that you are supposed too,
going into the spring season?

In general, this is the time to get your systems in order, to get things in place, to get prepared and get your planning in place so 2018 doesn’t pummel you.

A lot of you may be getting ready to go into your hiring season, so let’s chat about this!

Do you know how many people you need to hire this year? When do you need to hire them by? When do they need to be professionally competent and in the field?

If not, you need to look at your goal and projections for this year.

The problem is that We don’t plan for it.
We don’t visualize it.
We don’t write it down,
then we panic and make really bad decisions on hiring at the moment.

All heck breaks loose and it’s a mess.

It’s okay, to be honest, and let people know that you are small and just starting. Make sure you keep it true and let them know that you will work hard for them.
Just be honest. It’s acceptable. Don’t blindside them later.

Very few people are actually communicating at the level they think they are.

Without clear communication, the wheels fall off of everything. Be crystal clear with the way you communicate and you also have to be repetitive.

It’s about being consistent,non-stop, forever and ever, no excuses. Have ongoing conversations about all the stuff. If this happens often enough, these things will become habits after a while.

Check out today’s podcast! I provide examples of exactly how to figure out how to figure this stuff out!  

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