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Episode 162: The Fear Of Success

Episode 162: The Fear Of Success

Episode 162: The Fear Of Success

Stop overcomplicating everything.
Not everything is Mount Everest. 

A lot of people struggle with fear of failure. Looking silly, falling on your face, having things go wrong and more.
But, fear of success can be real and even more common. It’s a reality.


The 1%ers aren’t sitting there screwing everyone over.

The fact of the matter is, if you provide massive value to the world, money is a byproduct.
It’s the evidence of the value you are providing to the world.

Do you struggle with imposter syndrome? Feeling like you aren’t good enough or that you’re a fraud? Maybe you feel like you aren’t smart enough.

Everyone has a story. That’s the point.It all has to do with the baggage you are carrying around.  A lot of people started from nothing. The difference is, in the daily behaviors and habits they have.

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Money multiples what you already were. It doesn’t change you. Stop feeling like you are going to alienate everyone else in your life. If you want something, follow your own path for your family. Stop worrying about what everyone else thinks. Get out there and do what you need.

Stop sabotaging yourself while worrying about what someone else may think about you 

Join me today and hear all about the Fear of Success. Are you one of the many who has this fear?

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