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Episode 164: The Differences Between Fighter Jets and Crop Dusters

Episode 164: The Differences Between Fighter Jets & Crop Dusters

Episode 164: The Differences Between Fighter Jets and Crop Dusters

Don’t measure it, don’t put a time frame on it, just keep giving value.
It will come back to you.

I remember how hard it was for me to see the forest through the trees.

To see the big picture and really believe that you are going to build something significant. I have massive passion for everyone going through this.

Sometimes you’ll have a burst and feel confident. Those are good days, but it’s not always like that.

If you don’t have the life experience of having done this yet, it’s not really real to you yet.

But, you are on the right path.
Done is better than perfect.
Don’t get paralyzed by having a perfect vision of the next steps.
These things take time.

40 hours a week, when you are trying to build something serious, is just a part-time job. You have to work really hard for a significant amount of time to do the things that the guests on this show have done. The things that I have done. It’s not easy. It is hard work.

I have no problem for a season, for a short time, for a little while sacrificing parts of my life in an effort to build something significant that can benefit me for the rest of my life.

I want to work like a maniacal freak for 2 years and then have a benefit for decades or change my family tree forever because of really intentional focused effort. – Josh Latimer

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