Episode 182: A Step By Step Guide To Building A Ravenous Company Culture – Part 1

Episode 182: A Step By Step Guide To Building A Ravenous Company Culture – Part 1

Don’t call your employees, EMPLOYEES anymore. Call them INTERNAL CUSTOMERS!

When I was in San Diego, I gave a presentation on employee culture and I wanna share it with you.

Whenever I ask every single employer what is their current biggest pain point? I always get the same result.

Number one is EMPLOYEE ISSUES!


Here’s one question I wanna ask: What is the most important thing that your business is supposed to do? What its function?

I want you to think that employee life cycle is like you’re getting married. There’s a wedding planning, the wedding and the final stage which is the marriage itself. I want you to prepare for the hardest part which is the MARRIAGE.

Prepare for the MARRIAGE not just the WEDDING.

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