Episode 183: A Step By Step Guide To Building A Ravenous Company Culture – Part 2

Episode 183: A Step By Step Guide To Building A Ravenous Company Culture – Part 2

Employees are not human capital, they’re just humans!

Here are some practical tactics to help with your leadership development and help you creating company culture.

  • We need to look at a way we pay our team and be more creative with it.
  • You have to identify how to motivate this person. Find a way to put fuel in their gas tank of the relationship they have with you.
  • Give them a clear career road map. They need to understand it upfront.
  • Continuous vision casting.

Communication is a HABIT! Know the employee love languages.

What would it be like if your employees are starting to think of creative ways to solve your company’s problem, and add value rather than just put holes in it? Would that be valuable to you?

How would you know right now if you’re a leader? You can’t succeed at a high lever on your own. You need a team. You have to be the leader of the team!

This podcast is a deep teaching, you can play it over and over and apply it on your business.

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  1. Gary Eenigenburg on February 28, 2018 at 2:04 AM

    Have listened to several conversations on this topic before. However, the everyday application Josh laid out here is just flat out awesome.

    I have been thinking of some concrete ways to boost moral and employee retention, these nuggets are gold.

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