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100K to $1,300,000 in 4 years

Old School Thinking VS New School Thinking

Brandon Vaughn is a humble an unassuming guy.  His dad started a small local business over 30 years ago but the company never grew past $100,000 in annual revenue.  About 4 years ago Brandon took over the business from his Father and brought with him a new mentality, a growth mentality.  In 4 years Brandon grew the business by over 10x.

This was not by accident.

This is a classic “old school” vs “new school” situation and with a Father unwilling to change his ways it took his sons fresh approach to get unstuck.  One day out of the blue Brandons Father was diagnosed with heart disease and could no longer work!

In a moment his world changed and his business was as good as over.

This is a real risk for all owner operators and small companies out there.  Ask yourself this:  What happens if you get hurt?  What happens if you die?  Will your family be taken care of?

Brandon brought a new vision built around systems and processes to the table and has had wild success with it.


Why did he win?

Because he built a team and executed on the simple things it takes to create a real and sustainable business.  Join us in our discussion today as we talk about old school and new school business mindsets.

This is the struggle of many small business people out there.  How do you get massive growth and break through the ceiling that has been holding you back?  The answer may be simpler than you think.


Sometimes the way to win is by focusing on the basics.

You can check out Brandon’s company here.


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