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Accounting Essentials for Small Businesses

Diane Gardner is the real life superhero behind TaxCoach4You.com, and yes, she owns a cape!

Accounting may not seem like the most exciting topic to a struggling business owner but finding the right accountant to join your team is an essential part of building your business.

Diane is kind enough to come on the podcast to talk about the importance of finding a great accountant and choosing correct entity for your business. Just because a business entity was the right fit for you 5 years ago doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s still the right fit today.

Finding the right accountant to join your team is so important for so many reasons and your accountant shouldn’t just be a number cruncher that inputs your numbers into a form once a year. It’s important to find a tax coach that will help you implement a strategy that will allow you to pay as little towards taxes as legally possible! So unless you enjoy giving the government more money than necessary you will want to listen to this episode!


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Connect with Diane:

Email: diane@taxcoach4you.com
Phone: (208)687-0508


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