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Episode 263: Must Listen Special Edition – Alex Charfen The Entrepreneurial Personality Type

Episode 263: Must Listen Special Edition - Alex Charfen The Entrepreneurial Personality Type

Episode 263:  Must Listen Special Edition – Alex Charfen The Entrepreneurial Personality Type

Today this is a special edition episode!

Alex Charfen is in the mastermind group – he’s unbelievable. This content is unbelievable, it’s powerful and can change your life.

Alex has built multiple large companies, even some that have been in the fortune 500 3 times!

He’s done Ted Talks. He’s been on Fox News & CNN  & so much more. Alex is a BEAST.

“My goal in the world, eventually, is to get this content to the point where no evolutionary hunter suffers the fate at the hands of a coordinator, a communicator, a caretaker,  who doesn’t understand them and holds them in a box….” – Alex Charfen

“Our society systems don’t help us, they break us!” – Alex Charfen

For people like me, who came out of a hometown blue-collar style business – this might all feel like a huge overwhelming thing.

Over the decades, he earned his experiences. As a kid, Alex was just trying to fail as little as he could. Success felt so far away, even impossible. But he did it. He crushed it. Growing up, business was an obsession for him. It was the only thing he focused on.

There are 3 stages of momentum that Alex talks about and goes deep into explaining them.

As Entrepreneuers, Momentum isn’t what we want. It’s who we are. – Alex Charfen

When you get really clear on who you are, this is when you start to decide what comes next.
Alex discusses going into your new reality, a new reality of who you are, what you’re meant to do and why you are here.

Every one of us has that quiet little voice that says we are meant for more, that we can change the world. STOP DENYING THIS! You are you. You are who you are. Don’t deny it any longer.

Follow it. Lean into it. Accept it. It’s who you are.

Just remember this, “If you’ve ever felt alone, there is nothing wrong with you and you are NOT ALONE! For anything you are dealing with, someone in the world has done this, overcome it and changed the world.” – Alex Charfen

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