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Episode 328: Are You Getting Ahead Of Yourself?

Episode 328:  Are You Getting Ahead Of Yourself?

Today, I’m going to answer a question from a listener, Bobby Walker!  

When you look at the people who are asking complex questions, they usually have a small business.

But, it’s all about sticking to the basics and fundamentals

Everything begins with lead generation. Nothing else has any significance and is pointless if you don’t figure out lead generation first.

Sales & Marketing are the foundation and cornerstone to ALL business.

If you are small, stuck, broken, lead generation is where you need to start.

Back-end systems don’t matter. Processes don’t matter. Flow charts, systems to reduce labor by 15-minutes per day, looking online for equipment cannot fix your business.

All you’re doing is avoiding what’s right in front of you.

Today, we’re going to chat about lead generation and you’ll actually rate yourself 1-5 from this podcast to see where you are at on this scale!  

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  1. James Mercado on October 9, 2018 at 8:29 PM

    Yes, the WAR PLAN excites me!
    I feel it would make me ready for W.A.R.!

    Thanks Josh!

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