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Episode 307 – Are You Poor Or Broke?

Episode 307 - Are You Poor Or Broke?

Episode 307 – Are You Poor Or Broke?

It’s been a disaster lately. I haven’t been doing my podcasts.

I’ve been sick, have had 2/5 kids all alone and it’s been a weird week! It’s been awesome and I’m awesome.

Awesome means there’s massive opportunity and things in the pipe!

We have a choice to make, do we focus only on the bad things and the things that are going wrong? We could totally do these things. Or we could focus only on the opportunity. The things that are in front of you that could happen, that probably will happen if you pursue them.

If you stay positive and keep going, things will happen. 

You need to stay organized and follow up with opportunities. Don’t let it overwhelm you. Stay on top of it!

On average, the people who make the most money focus on the long game, not short term!

Whether you think you can or you can’t,
either way, you’re right! – Henry Ford

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