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Awesome Updates From Josh!

This Quick Talk episode previews upcoming Quick Talk Raw episodes in which I will share some of my “gold nuggets” and cover questions and topics proposed by listeners! Areas of focus will include:  

  • Dealing with discouragement
  • Building systems
  • Setting goals
  • Appreciating the importance of lifelong learning
  • Understanding the myth of work/life balance
  • Structuring partnerships
  • Leveraging Facebook ads to build business
  • Utilizing automation to streamline processes
  • Understanding the employee life cycle

  I want to hear from you! Submit your ideas for future Quick Talks Raw episodes by emailing me at josh@automategrowsell.com. Later in the episode, I introduce a new product that I’m developing for Automate Grow Sell with Michael Dalke! In surveys of email contacts and podcast listeners, business owners identify employee issues as their main pain point. To support business owners in that regard, Michael and I are designing the ultimate employee toolkit. This digital product will cover recruiting, interviewing, training, motivation, discipline, incentives, leadership development and career roadmaps. The toolkit will also include a number of sample documents such as onboarding packets, employee handbook samples, goal-setting templates, safety guidelines and job description forms. There is a lot to look forward to on Quick Talk Podcast!  

Have you joined my 7-Day Challenge yet?  It is AWESOME!!!   It is FREE!!!  Get motivated and let me help. 

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  1. Austin Childress on October 28, 2016 at 2:37 AM

    How do you watch the live podcasts?

  2. Renee on October 28, 2016 at 5:15 PM

    Thanks Josh! Looking forward to all of them!!!

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