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Choosing the Right Financial Advisor for Your Small Business

At some point during an entrepreneur’s deep dive into the world of small business, it becomes beneficial for he or she to invest the time and money in working with a financial advisor. But many business owners tend to shy away from assembling such a team of knowledge sharers, wondering “will it really be worth my time and money?” On today’s episode, I welcome John Bowen, a leader in the financial services industry with years of experience in founding and advising multi-million dollar businesses, and dedicating his life to being a financial advisor working with entrepreneurs. John talks us through the benefits to signing on with a financial advisor to keep you and your business on the right track towards long term success.

In today’s world, entrepreneurs not only need to be thinking about short-term profits, but long-term investments to build stability throughout their life. People are living longer than ever, and need to plan for the future that comes with increased responsibility to manage personal wealth outside of business. This is where a financial advisor can help. John and I discuss the nature of today’s economy and how it will affect small business owners when the new president takes office in 2017. We also discuss the key qualities to look for in a financial advisor, and valid points to consider when evaluating your short-term and long-term business goals.

Budding entrepreneurs can tap into the tools of the super-rich and leverage many of their tactics even while in the beginning stages of business growth. This is where John says finding the right financial advisor can become an invaluable asset. Leverage this team to build successful long-term investment plans, so that you as the entrepreneur can maintain focus on growing your business and providing value to the market.

What’s Talked About

  • Challenges within the financial advisor industry today
  • What does the future of the economy look like for small business owners?
  • Why are entrepreneurs so afraid of financial advisors?
  • Key attributes to look for in a financial advisor
  • Advice to entrepreneurs stuck and looking for advice

Resources Mentioned:

Website: AESnation.com

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  1. Moira Blythe on March 21, 2018 at 3:26 PM

    My brother and I were talking about financial planners. I appreciate your advice that if we run our own business, we should have our long-term financial well-being in mind. This is a great thing to think about and we both definitely need help with planning that!

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