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Episode 233: Michael Dahlke and Michael Kaplan Generate Over $25,000,000 Per Year In Sales – Interview Part 1

Episode 233: Michael Dahlke and Michael Kaplan Generate Over $25,000,000 Per Year In Sales - Interview Part 1

Episode 233: Michael Dahlke and Michael Kaplan Generate Over $25,000,000 Per Year In Sales – Interview Part 1

Do you want to get your business unstuck?
Over the next 3 days, you will learn actionable steps to take to make this YOUR reality…

Today, I am joined by my good friends, Michael Dahlke and Michael Kaplan. I asked Dahlke to share one of his amazing secrets with us today, and over the next 3 days with a mini-series!

For part 1, We are going to focus on leadership. This is one of the BIG 3 reasons why businesses fail and don’t succeed at a level they’d like.

This series will go over business and these 3 reasons why they fail. They will reveal certain things that YOU need to know and can greatly help you and your business.

Let’s start with a little background so you can get to know who Mike & Mike are!  They operate several businesses in 5! They have multiple investments all over the US and are currently looking at other opportunities.

Kaplan bought a struggling zero res carpet cleaning franchise and grew it to over 6 locations doing over $10-$20 million in carpet cleaning right now.

“My real passion is growing these things with Mike Dahlke and figuring out what the next investment looks like.” – Mike Kaplan

Eventually, you reach a point when you realize that the accomplishment of your business doesn’t give you fulfillment. Then you pivot to contribution and investing in other people.

Money ceases to be a motivator when you have enough. When you can pay the bills and have some left over. Money stops mattering as much. You realize the real fulfillment lies in helping others.

Mike and Mike both got into this business expecting to be investors and turning underutilized assets into really sexy things. They each wanted to do these things going into it and it has worked out well beyond their wildest dreams.

Join us now and over the next 3 days to hear all about the businesses and successes they have shared. You won’t regret listening to this one. It will be huge for your business.


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  1. Nick DeMark on April 18, 2018 at 11:08 PM

    Great podcast. I really enjoyed this episode.

    • Josh Latimer on April 19, 2018 at 12:46 PM

      Thanks Nick! Hope you are doing well my friend

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