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Episode 200: Early Stage Company Systems

Episode 200: Early Stage Company Systems

Episode 200: Early Stage Company Systems

I love hearing these questions, it helps spark my creative juices!

Today we hear 2 voicemails from some awesome listeners!!

One is a question Dave Bishop with Eagle 1 Soft wash, who is just starting out!

David Asks, What system would you suggest for a starting company to get invovled with? Responsibid, SendJim, etc?

Home serivce industries are highly fragmented indsutries. There’s a low barrier to entry, people just come in and don’t last long, then they leave. It’s a revolving door of new person after new person.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do, what systems to implement and in what order. There are the 5 Stages of Business I talk about and they go through which dominoes you really need to focus on to get to which stage.

You will save your day by getting your shoes on and doing what more people aren’t willing to do!

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Today we talk a bit about the 5 Stages of Business, the moving parts and the tricks to accomplishing things. Check it out!

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