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Episode 340: End Of Year Reflection and GOLD with Ashlee Latimer

Episode 340:  End Of Year Reflection and GOLD with Ashlee Latimer

We are giving away a $100 Gift card to one of YOUR employees from YOU!! Listen in to figure out how to enter your Rockstar Employee!

Today, we’re going to talk with my other half, Ashlee Latimer!
All about the Super Bundle and Finishing the year strong!

“One of my favorite things about Send Jim is when I see our customers winning…It melts my heart and makes the past pain worth it” – Ashlee Latimer

It’s good to invest in yourself and your own community!

When you sign up for the Super bundle, you get access to a private facebook group for the Bootcampers! You’ll have a community along with massive educational tools! They are a different type of person.

Join us! Do it! Don’t be scared to invest in your brain, it doesn’t make sense. 

No one can take away your education. Investing in yourself, for your business is a HUGE Deal! It seems so SMALL when you consider the large returns you can get. It’s a total snowball effect when you learn certain things!

Are you a man or woman of action? Or are you just a perpetual consumer of content? Step out of the boat and get serious! Get your detailed notebook ready and change your business!

We have over 60 video testimonials for the super course alone! 

We also talk about value and gold nuggets! Here’s a snippet: You should SendJim_Superbundle_Facebook-Cover-Photo_Reasonsnever have to motivate people unless they are the wrong people

Take a listen and see for yourself! 


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