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Episode 268: Grinding Is Useless For Most People

Episode 268: Grinding Is Useless For Most People

Episode 268: Grinding Is Useless For Most People

You don’t make money by working hard…

If you have a small business you are likely grasping for things. Looking for some gold nugget. A golden piece of information that will set you free and make your parents proud of you.

Something that lets you have your wife believe in you or gets you the car or house you desire.

But, the truth is, working harder doesn’t make you more money. It just doesn’t.

When we lived in Costa Rica we had a gardener who worked his butt off diligently. He worked super hard in 90-degree weather. He sent almost all of his money back to his family in Nicaragua.

The massive advantage you have from having access to this sort of information isn’t measurable. It’s life-changing.

Hard work is required for success, but it’s not what makes you money.

What is life-changing is working hard on the correct things in the correct order.

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