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Episode 331: Guaranteed Way To Find Your Next 3 Employees (EASY) – Interview w/ Dan Platta, CEO $3.8 mm Cleaning Business

Episode 331: Guaranteed Way To Find Your Next 3 Employees (EASY) - Interview w/ Dan Platta, CEO $3.8 mm Cleaning Business

Episode 331:  Guaranteed Way To Find Your Next 3 Employees (EASY) – Interview w/ Dan Platta, CEO $3.8 mm Cleaning Business

The economy is kinda crushing it right now and it’s harder and harder to find employees…and it was already hard before.

Today, I’m joined by Dan Platter is the CEO of a large cleaning company, Blue Skies, that spans over 4 states and does almost $4million in revenue. He has mini-empire and is AMAZING at recruiting and hiring.

This episode is for anyone. If your small, large or in the middle. If you are a little guy trying to find your first helper, or if you’re a bigger guy and your #1 leaves and now everything is rerailed.

Your Team + Your Equipment = Your Capacity.
You can’t grow or do anything without a team.

A few years ago, Dan came out of the corporate world and teamed up with Mike Dahlke, his old financial advisor who fired himself. Dan did some consulting with Mike for Blue Skies for about 5 years, then Mike fired himself again and put Dan in charge of the company.

There are a few issues with the market right now.

  • Trades are booming and unemployment is the lowest it’s been in a long time. Most people have a job.
  • Young people want a laptop lifestyle. They don’t want to work hard, get sweaty and do hard things.
  • 10,000 people a day are turning 65, so now more than ever, home services are needed.

There is an opportunity here for a gold rush if you can be a headhunter!

Talent is the #1 thing that we all need. There’s a war on talent. – Dan Platta

Currently, people are quitting their jobs faster than ever and that’s what you need to look for.

There’s a huge difference between being proactive and reactive. Today, we dive deep into recruiting, the systems Dan uses, how to do this and SO MUCH MORE. PLUS, there’s an exclusive bonus offer for Quick Talk listeners!

If you are doing everything yourself (which hasn’t worked so far) if you invest 5-1- hours in a process to do job boards, getting people to apply, etc. That;’s $1,000 in ACTUAL value you’ve invested to get none or 1 result. This AWESOME deal from Dan is GUARANTEEING you 3 hires (that are on the actual payroll) in the next 12 months! Are you ready to get started?!


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