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Hard work is not enough

You work hard, right?

Congratulations! You along with almost everyone else are getting out of bed and working hard all day long. The problem here is that the hard work you do every day is probably not directly tied to the future success you really want. Day laborers work hard.  House maids work hard.  Gardeners and mechanics and fast food workers and almost everyone “works hard”.  The real question is this:  How do I achieve what I really want more than anything in the world? In this podcast episode, I speak to the difference between working hard and being successful. Make no mistake, there is a difference. If you want to maximize your potential and “red-line” your chances of attaining your dreams it is critical that you do a whole heck of a lot more than work hard. What are you focused on? Are you focused on the CORRECT things every day? Do you think and behave like a real CEO? If not, that’s ok, but let’s get back on track with a correct understanding of what it takes to CRUSH our personal goals.  

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