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From broke to 29,000 Youtube Subscribers

Poor Mindset and Negativity Can Kill Ya and Keep You Broke

If anyone knows how tough it can be to get a business off the ground and make it work it is Keith.  He is well known for his popular YouTube videos where he shares his struggles and frustrations with the world.  Keith Kalfas went from dead broke to business owner and has a great story.

There is no question why people respond to Keith and his stories.  He is real.  He is not perfect and doesn’t pretend he is and people love him for it.

Today I talk about the customer life cycle, relationship marketing and my new training called “The Gratitude Effect – The Science of Business Growth”.

This stuff can feel so overwhelming at times but if we just slow down and look at things logically it get a lot more clear.

Why do you make everything so stressful and complicated when it doesn’t have to be?

Do you suffer from “marketing overwhelm?”

If so then come hang out with me on my free webinar.

It’s FREE.

It’s fun.

It can change everything for you.

Good businesses do not happen by accident, they happen by design.  I will lay out for you one of the most overlooked parts of a businesses growth strategy….  retention.

Does your businesses customer list feel like a bucket with holes drilled into the bottom?  If so that can do MORE DAMAGE than you could ever imagine.

I show you using math, science, logic and reason why this problem is a much bigger deal that you think.



Find Keith on YouTube here.

Keith’s podcast is here.

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