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Learning and Growing from Failure

The tables have turned and my friend and colleague Chris Martinez interviews me on overcoming the inevitable struggles and failure that will come with starting a business. As an entrepreneur, we all make mistakes and many of us experience similar challenges during those first formative years. Chris and I get personal and honest about the struggles I went through and the lessons I gleaned from those experiences.

The keys to overcoming failure come from the power to “fail forward,” recognize your mistakes and learn from them. There are many mistakes I made when first starting my business, that hindered my progress despite my best intentions. If you own your own business, chances are you’ve already made some of these mistakes.

Scaling a business will expose a whole new set of problems. But through education and massive action, you can overcome those challenges and build the strong, healthy business you’ve always dreamed of.

What’s Talked About

  • The first year of business – struggles and successes
  • Leadership failure
  • How to overcome failures and keep moving forward
  • Advice to other entrepreneurs who are considering throwing in the towel

Resources Mentioned

Website: www.automategrowsell.com

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