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Episode 230: What I’ve Learned Selling $1,000,000 Using Webinars

Episode 230: What I've Learned Selling $1,000,000 Using Webinars

Episode 230: What I’ve Learned Selling $1,000,000 Using Webinars

I have some good tips for you today! Some practical, how to stuff! 

Let’s talk about stacking value! I learned this from Russel, it’s huge and works!

A lot of people I meet at events are full of excuses. I understand this, I’ve been there.

But, some people live in this state of mind, forever.

Some people, I know in seconds, that I cannot help them. It’s really sad.

They just have a really poor mindset and don’t realize. They have false belief patterns and won’t overcome them.

I overcome, shatter and rebuild the correct beliefs during my webinars. This all happens before making the offer.

People think things about your products or services and they aren’t true. You need to provide value and overcome these obstacles before you get there.

Attack these false beliefs, destroy them and burn them to the ground. 

Don’t take solace in feeling bad and being a victim. You can overcome these things and help others.

What I’ve Learned Selling $1,000,000 Using Webinars

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