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LIVE Coaching Call #2

Real Talk And Coaching A Real Person

Today I talk with Daniel, a small business owner from Florida.  He has a landscaping company in Orlando.  This company is only working in it’s 9th month and is facing all of the normal business struggles that many of us face.  Daniel is off to a great start but is struggling with automating landscape design which can be problematic.

During the coaching call we discuss:

  • Automation In Landscaping
  • Strategies For Growth
  • Taxes
  • Systems
  • Overcoming Info Overwhelm

It is very easy to get lost in all of the overwhelm that comes with trying to grow a small business.  It can be invaluable to sit down and talk with a business coach to help you get clarity on the next steps. With all of the things thrown at small business owners by marketers, software companies, ideas and techniques for growing our business sometimes we get numb.

Listen to my talk today with Daniel and I bet you will pick out some great gold nuggets you can apply to your business immediately.

If you have a small service business and are interested in Joshuas Automate Grow Sell bootcamp then schedule a FREE 45 minute coaching call here.

IMPORTANT:  Not all appointments will be accepted. I review them to make sure it is a good fit for both parties

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