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Episode 281- PART 3 – Straight Up FIRE – Must Listen

Episode 281- PART 3 - Straight Up FIRE - Must Listen

Episode 281- PART 3 – Straight Up FIRE – Must Listen

I didn’t anticipate that this was going to take 3-5 podcasts to get through all of this gold from Peng Joon! 

If you haven’t listened to part 1 and 2 yet, go listen to those and then come back here!

The biggest takeaway from the course I was apart of is how Peng Joon has systemized to a granular level the entire structure and flow of his events. He is so incredibly specific on everything, from the words to the environment. He’s really really good and specific about things.

As a home service business, you have to look at your service business like this. You aren’t in your “insert industry here” business. You are in the experience business, the people business. This will help you be able to charge premium prices for non-price-sensitive customers which will allow you to build something really exceptional. This will allow you to grow something that you don’t have to be apart of daily, a business that can thrive mostly without you.

It’s not about the close, it’s about the entire presentation. – Peng Joon

Look at your business and your customer lifecycle. Stop looking at is as a transaction. Look at it as an entire presentation and lifecycle. Don’t miss this!

Does this sound interesting? Well, Join me today as we dive deep into these things! You really should learn this! 

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