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Episode 346: RAW: Put In The Work

Episode 346: RAW: Put In The Work

Episode 346: RAW: Put In The Work

Today, we are going to talk about the idea of working hard.

It’s the prerequisite of accomplishing anything else.

The way you make money isn’t by working hard – you provide value to make money.

If you’re working 40 hours per week on your business and claim you want to build this beast of a business – it won’t happen.

40 hours a week as an entrepreneur is a part-time job. You can’t just work hard, but have to work on the right things in the right order.

Playing by the same rules don’t apply to you. Having the same mindset as an hourly worker doesn’t work.

You have to do whatever it takes. You don’t get to shut your brain off – you MUST leave it on when you are in growth mode.

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