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Should you get investor money?

Should I Get A Partner Or Investor Money?

This is the question that, at one time or another, races through the head of almost every small business owner on the planet.  Many of us don’t see it as an option so maybe we don’t spend too much time dwelling on it, however, what if it was an option?  What if someone offered you $XXX,XXX for a stake in your business?  Would you take the investor money? When my business was small and cash strapped I would lay in bed thinking about how “If only I had another $20,000, then we would be fine”

The Lessons Of Life

Over the years of failure, struggles and gradual success I started to realize that throwing cash at your business doesn’t do a whole lot of good if the business is not healthy in the first place. In this podcast episode I share some very good insights about how to approach this question.  When things get hard it is easy to look for a business partner or an investment to come save the day.  From my perspective, this is almost always a mistake.  

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