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Company Culture

The world always has so much going on and things can seem crazy. But no matter how bad things seem, there is always some part that is repairable. And this is so true with building a meaningful company culture.  

Why does a tiny business need a company culture? [0:38]

  • Josh shares his company’s first holiday party
  • Remember the customer life cycle? Employees have one, too!
  • Best way to serve your customers is having a rewarding company culture

 Don’t punch yourself in the face [2:40]

  • Avoid threatening “find ten more people to replace you in ten minutes”
  • Dedicate time to your employees to grow those relationships
  • Invest in other people, but especially your employees

 Return on an employee [3:58]

  • Have meetings and events with an intent to nurture company culture
  • Highest yield possible = give them what they want!
  • Learn how to coach and encourage your unique company culture
  • Employees serve customers at high levels when they love work

 Figure out the guts of your employee culture [7:30]

  • Understand what employee career road maps look like
  • Everyone needs to be coached a little bit differently
  • It can even change your family tree!

  Thanks for listening! See you next time.  

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