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Episode 279: Inner Circle Talk – Relationship Mastery With Stacey Martino

Episode 279: Inner Circle Talk - Relationship Mastery With Stacey Martino

Episode 279: Inner Circle Talk – Relationship Mastery With Stacey Martino

 You have stumbled upon an amazing episode…you are going to laugh and cry

Today, we are joined by Stacey Martino whom I met from the Inner Circle! She helps save relationships.

Her and her husband Paul, have a large business and have done well over $2 million just in the first part of this year.

Stacey takes part in a lot of events dealing with relationship and entrepreneurism.

“We help people create their own unshakeable love and their unleashed passion using our unique methodology!”
– Stacey Martino

Stacey Martino gives people the relationship education that no one has ever given them, but that they deserve. She stops the unnecessary suffering.

She and her husband have saved over 10,000 marriages so far and helped thousands of others!

Couples counseling and therapy are literally ruining marriages at such a rapid rate. More than more than 80% of couples therapy is ending in divorce…it’s the kiss of death.

They have a proven model. It’s an 8 step transformation model. The old model is broken. Everyone deserves this kind of relief.

There are strategies they teach specifically for inside and outside of the moment. Inside the moment is all about not reacting and learning how to respond in a way that de-escalates the negative energy. But, this cannot be fixed without implementing strategies outside of the moment as well. You can’t just demand, demand, demand without seeing your partner’s empty buckets that need to be filled as well.

Are you interested in hearing more? Join Stacey Martino and I as we dive deep into relationships! 

You can’t demand your way to a magnificent love.
“All conflict is the result of unmet expectations”

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