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The Customer Factor

“A CRM keeps your business’s name in front of the customer, which will eventually grow your name and create an invaluable buzz!”

Steve comes from Florida and was successful in the cleaning business years ago. Today he shares the context of what lead him to create such a game-changing software that so many of us in the industry use today.  

How cleaning lead Steve to software [2:08]

  • Customers whom he changed oil for were asking about window cleaning
  • Owned a window cleaning business
  • Sold a how-to program after having five years of great success
  • Decided he needed an automated way to do his own follow-ups
  • Tools were not follow up based and more of a customer information bank

 Understanding the value of a CRM [6:22]

  • Ditch the spreadsheet!
  • Scheduling conflicts be-gone
  • Document the little details (don’t forget to lock Mrs. Smith’s back gate!)
  • Sort tasks/revenue by crew
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Allows you to be creative in selecting customers

 Getting set up from scratch [11:52]

  • About a week to get comfortable
  • Try and get creative and make your own email templates
  • Take advantage of the thank you and appointment reminder features

 Relationship marketing is a thing? [15:18]

  • It all starts with an automated thank-you
  • Referrals
  • Reviews
  • Give yourself time to think!

Everyone sees the wine, but what about the crushing of the grapes? [19:47]

  • The first few years of grinding are similar for all of us
  • How Steve assembled the pieces
  • A trustworthy team is essential

  Steve and Josh are teaming up to teach a class about how to double your business! Space is limited, so sign up quickly and reserve your seat. You don’t want to miss this awesome stuff. Text messages to customers is a new feature for Steve’s software: The Customer Factor. An automated thank you text or appointment reminder text will soon be essential. Send Jim also now integrates with The Customer Factor, sweet!   Thanks for listening! See you next time.

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If you need help working your current customer list, check out SendJim.com. It’s a software that Josh designed for automating customer touches so you can get it done. If you need help with a lot more than that, consider taking Josh’s online class at AutomateGrowSell.com.

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