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Episode 264: Stop Being A PANSY

Episode 264: Stop Being A PANSY

Episode 264: Stop Being A PANSY

I am 100% certain that what I’m about to say is true…

The level of success with your company, wherever you’re stuck at, all of it, the root cause of it is your belief system.

If I went back and started a company again, I would still hire the wrong people and things would happen. But, the way I would view and respond to things would be completely different.

Sometimes we move slowly on implementation because of a mindset issue, a belief issue.

Some people are oblivious to obstacles and just accomplish things, but we aren’t all like that. Some of us see things as Mount Everest when they are truly just a little tiny molehill. It’s all about perspective.

It starts in your head with a thought, it moves to your heart with a belief, only after that does it move into your hand with an action! – Myron Golden

Listen in for a quick 12-minute episode all about beliefs and perspective!

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