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Stop Marketing Your Business – It’s A Waste Of Time

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What if I told you to STOP marketing your business?

You would most likely think I am crazy and have lost my mind!  I am serious, well at least 90% serious.  Let me explain what I mean exactly.  Marketing your business only makes sense AFTER you have a detailed and consistent customer retention plan in place.

If you do not have this you are in BIG trouble.


What is relationship marketing?

Relationship marketing is probably the most overlooked, most powerful concept ANY small business professional could ever stumble upon.

I can not even come close to over-emphasizing it.

I could pay for a banner on Trump tower in the middle of NYC and still be falling short of the importance of this.

Think of marketing your business like turning on a spickott.  Think of your current book of business (your customer list) as being the “bucket” that all of your marketing efforts lead to.


Here is the issue:

You have holes in your bucket. Lots and lots and lots of holes.  Even if you think I am wrong, I am still right 🙂

I share because I CARE.

Wake up and get ready to have your mind blown by my FREE webinar on this very topic.



I will show you using science, logic, reason and good old fashioned math that you can literally double your business without marketing to a single new prospect ever again.


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