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Episode 178: Strategic Lunch Buying – Gold Nugget

Episode 178: Strategic Lunch Buying - Gold Nugget

Episode 178: Strategic Lunch Buying – Gold Nugget

Jake Ness made $50,000 from ONE lunch…WHAT?!

Today, I talk to Jake Ness, one of my newer Bootcampers who had a successful business doing almost half a million already!

He has an AMAZING gold nugget that will make you wonder how you never thought about it before!
Let’s start with some background. They offer primarily concrete & stone grinding and polishing. But, we started out as window cleaners and transitioned into some higher profit service. Carpet cleaning, tile & grout cleaning then hardwood floor cleaning and polishing, which are the 5 main services we are focusing on this year.

We found that in our LA market there are a number of commercial property managers and in need of high-level service. They have Class A which means they have to have a certain level of cleanliness. This means they can charge their clients more because it takes a lot to become Class A and keep it up. They have to have certain levels of things, so we found a niche market from there.

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Well, during one of our coaching calls, I asked him what his #1 highest return marketing thing was.

The answer was…LUNCH!
He made $50,000 from ONE lunch…WHAT?!

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